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Butler Interiors is a local family business: Test

A real gem of a find!” A friendly, close knit team, we pride ourselves on our customer service and on producing an outstanding product.

This ethos, of building a partnership with clients, ensures that our customers enjoy a warm and supportive environment in which to begin the, often complicated, process of kitchen design. In return, we are fortunate to enjoy the opportunity to support clients, often over many years, and to work with them on a number of different design projects.

At Butler Interiors, we are proud of our reputation and that our business has been built upon personal recommendation. Well known locally, our clients from further afield are often surprised to find that a small family business, with strong roots in a rural community, competes so successfully in the competitive world of kitchen design. But it is the very community in which we live and work that has ensured that our commitment to people and to values is inherent in everything we do. That commitment, in turn, has set our business apart and allowed it to grow.

With genuine, complementary advice, our friendly team is dedicated to making your dreams a reality, as our elegant designs combine form and function.

The majority of our clients are based in the North West, in Lancashire, Cumbria and the edge of North Yorkshire. We do, however, travel nationwide and have served clients from central London up to the North East.

While the majority of our clients are domestic, we also compete in the commercial world too, where we work alongside house builders seeking a cost effective solution to providing quality interiors for their homes, in a challenging house building market, and interior design firms seeking a more bespoke, design-orientated product.

Each of our kitchens is made specifically for the client and this process requires a 6 week lead in for ordering. We do not operate a ‘one size fits all’ approach and your kitchens are designed and created according your specific requirements. This provides a quality product with greater versatility in overcoming specific design requirements or meeting the challenges of unusual installation needs.

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At Butler Interiors, there are no hidden extras…

We never load our prices in order to reduce them: we offer a fair price from the start.

Our values, commitment and reliability are what set us apart.

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